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Grunge Rock

Introducing a stunning 4 Hands artwork, a captivating piece that will bring a touch of mystery and wonder to any space. This abstract creation showcases intricate sea creatures, infused with the symbolism of the human eye, and the spiritual presence of the dolphin. Each element intertwines seamlessly, creating a mesmerizing composition that will spark conversation and captivate imaginations. The combination of vibrant colors and intricate details makes this piece a stand-out addition to any abstract art collection. Embrace the enigmatic beauty of the ocean and the human spirit with this unique and thought-provoking 4 Hands artwork.

4 Hands

SKU: 364215376135199
  • 2024

    On Canvas

    18x24 inches,

    Unique Handmade Mixed Media Artwork

    Certificate of Authenticity Included

    Dated & Signed

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