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Introducing the mesmerizing Diablito Habanero, a stunning handmade acrylic painting that is sure to captivate any abstract art enthusiast. Inspired by the rich history of the Abakuá society, formed in Regla in 1836 among Afro-Cuban people, this unique piece of art leaves a profound mark on the pathway of the viewer. The artist skillfully uses simple lines, colors, and shapes against a vibrant yellow background to create a visually striking representation of the Diablito Habanero. This painting not only embodies the spirit of abstract art but also pays homage to the cultural heritage of the Abakuá society. Add a touch of history and intrigue to your art collection with the Diablito Habanero.

Diablito Habanero

SKU: 364215376135204
  • 2004




    Acrylic on canvas





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