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Grunge Rock
Experience the powerful and transformative energy of Azoth with our stunning blue, yellow, and red Azoth art pieces. Azoth is known as an evolutionary force responsible for the approach towards physical and spiritual perfection, making these artworks the perfect addition to your spiritual or meditation space. Each color represents different aspects of the Azoth energy, with blue symbolizing wisdom and intuition, yellow representing vitality and creativity, and red embodying passion and strength. These intricately designed pieces are perfect for anyone seeking to harness the energy of Azoth and incorporate it into their daily spiritual practice. Bring a sense of balance, harmony, and enlightenment into your life with our beautiful Azoth art.

Azoth in blue, yellow, red

SKU: 364215376135202
  • 2024



    On Canvas



    18x24 inches,



    Unique Handmade Mixed Media Artwork

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